Spine tumors

There are 2 general types of spinal tumors that can cause pain: primary tumors and secondary (metastatic) tumors. 

Primary spinal tumors originate in the spinal column, such as by growing in the bones, discs, nerves, or other elements within the spine. Primary spinal tumors are usually noncancerous (benign) and occur in younger people. Hemangiomas are among the most common benign primary spinal tumors. Osteosarcomas and multiple myeloma are two of the more common primary spinal tumors that are cancerous (malignant). 

Secondary spinal tumors (metastatic tumors) are tumors that have spread to the spine from a cancer that has started elsewhere in the body. These tumors are the most common type in the spine and are cancerous (have the potential to spread further and are typically fast-growing). Cancerous cells from the lung, breast, and prostate are most likely to spread and become lodged in the spine.

It is estimated that about 90% of diagnosed spinal tumors are metastatic.