Hip Arthroplasty

Hip diseases

The hip joint and pelvis with this joint play an effective role in healthy standing, walking and running actions. The quality of life increases with the timely and healthy development of the hip joint and surrounding bones and soft tissues with the delivery, and the hip joint with painless joint movements.

Hip pain as an inflamed joint with an x-ray medical illustration of a frontal close up macro of a human skeleton with a painful area in red as a chronic disease and injury to bone needing hip replacement surgery.

The congenital unhealthy development of the hip joint or subsequent fractures and dislocations, infection, bone resorption, groin pain in the groin in the presence of tumors in the presence of tumors, swelling, disorientation and joint movement limitation are frequently encountered by patients.

Posture disorder, disorientation, leg length inequalities, limitation of joint motion, pain around the thigh, tenderness and swelling are the conditions to be examined. In patients with this type of complaints, it may be possible to improve the patient with early diagnosis and treatment.

Dr Ahmed Alqutub offers a wide spectrum of treatments ranging from athletic injuries to arthroplasty in hip arthrosis, arthroplasty of the hip and surrounding areas, and hip arthrosis.

Treatment Areas

  • Developmental dislocation of the hip in children and sequela of hip dislocation in adults
  • Cartilage problems in the hip joint
  • Bone and joint infections in childhood and adulthood
  • Childhood and adulthood fractures and dislocations
  • Tumors of musculoskeletal system in childhood and adulthood
  • Sports injuries